Emotional Freedom Technique


Freedom from suffering with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 

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The last 7 years I have been a kind of tour guide for people to recognise the peace, happiness and silent awareness we all are, the transformation from the personal to the jogar pachinko 3 grátis. I found that most people recognize this state of being. without. It is these emotional Ghosts or you can call them terrorists that keep interfering. Have fun with kostenlos book of ra deluxe spielen ohne anmeldung. For instance, the mind keeps on chattering about fears and difficulties, finds stories and past experiences to keep it occupied.

Yes it is an addiction! It appears in the form of strong negative thinking in combination with negative emotions and unpleasant sensations in the body, and whatever you try it doesn’t really go away. And many people believed that they lost this Silent and peaceful Awareness

Here are some examples of ghosts.

Powerful fears, phobias, anxieties, anger, addiction and all kinds of emotional and physical issues. Or stress for instance, stress can be financial pressures, health problems, family conflicts and all kinds of ghosts that we can carry around with us. Most of our emotional and physical problems are caused by unresolved specific events, and that’s what I call the ghosts, or if you want to be modern, you could call them the terrorists! An example is, your boyfriend left you a year ago and you still keep getting these negative thinking attacks, and strong feelings. Whatever you try it doesn’t stop. The opposite is true the more you try to stop it the stronger it gets. You are caught in a marry-go-round, of thinking, emotions and you feel sick in the body. And you believe that this “Silent Awareness” has left you and that you are these negative thoughts and feelings.

EFT can help to stop the merry-go-round.

Where does this technique come from?

EFT is based on acupuncture and kinesiology. It’s a mixture of ancient and modern techniques put together by Gary Craig in America. For more info see www.emofree.com.

Any other things it’s particularly good for?

Its works very well to peel the “onion” or otherwise called our “Ego”. As a preparation for the intensive EFT is used to unnerve the basic believes and survival strategies we have stored in our meridian system. By using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on these Ghosts, these specific obsessive thoughts and emotions can be taken away and that allows you to be present and at peace.

That sounds fantastic, what do you mean by simple tapping?

EFT (emotional freedom technique) is an energy process, like acupuncture without needles. You tap on acupressure points along meridians, (that means pathways of energy along the body) while you are tuned in to a specific issue or problem. The tapping on the particular points straightens out the mind body energy system and this energy becomes available so that we can access this silent awareness that we are.

Tell me what you mean by tapping and tuning in?

For example, you have a fear of heights. I ask you to think of a situation that has frightened you – like recently someone remembered being in the glass lift of the Eiffel Tower – while he remembered the situation, he became very afraid, his stomach felt knotted, the hairs on his arms rose. Simply this memory brought back all his fear. I then asked him, while he is experiencing the fear, to tap with his fingers on specific points on the head, body and hands. We tapped until the fear was gone and then went to the bungee jump. Just looking at the place brought back another aspect of the fear, and so we tapped again, and again till there was no more fear left, and he went into the basket, and started going up. If there was any sign of fear he asked for the basket to be stopped and tapped again. He stopped twice on the way up to 50 meters, and there he stood up and waved to me! His fear for heights is gone. After he lost his fear of height he decided to go back up and jumped, for him it was great to see that nothing can be touched in this silent and aware core of his being. That sounds incredible and he must be delighted!

I’m so excited by this technique, after all this techniques I’ve tried on myself and others over the years, this is the most pain-free, gentle and effective way to get rid of your ghosts. And to stop this Body – Mind – Emotion addiction. And you don’t even have to believe in it for it to work.

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