Silent Awareness Retreats

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My Silent Awareness Retreats are a gentle introduction to “jogar pachinko 3 grátis”. By that I mean the direct experience of life as it flows around and through you without, mental constructs and thoughts that a typical human mind will build between itself and the world.

You will stay close to come to a session with me every day for 5-7 days in a row. We will explore the misunderstandings that keep you from resting in the Silent Awareness that you really are in Satsang and guided meditation sessions. You can also spend your free time with pleasure in our new project: spiele kostenlos book of ra.

This “who you are “ is not a commodity to claim. I am not a psychotherapist (although I do have a background in psychology) and the retreat is not the place to “fix” your personality. Rather, it is the place where you come to understand that you are not your personality. The real you is much, much deeper.

To give you an impression of what awaits you: Taro. The comment of one of the participants of Meet in the Centre of the Cyclone Retreat was “ I have always wanted to find a spiritual teacher, who will do her retreats in bathing suite. I would have never gone to a traditional teacher”.

This is the beauty of sharing the “Truth” in Koh Samui , so ordinary and playful. Awakening has no face and set behaviour. The retreats are happening right on the beach, with the sound of the waves in the background.

Enlightenment is not sitting cross legged in a cave, and can’t be lost on the dance floor of a disco. In this retreat we investigate even in the disco, if you can lose this silence and peace that you are.

Listening to the tapes recorded from the meetings is very important to inform the mind and helps the mind not to overlook what always is. To lay in the sun and to listen, what could be better?

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