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I feel very fortunate to have spent 8 weeks with such an automatenspiele kostenlos book of raTaro has the ability to detect and pull out every bit of ‘baggage’ I carried and has shown me the way to recognize that in my core I am peace, truth and love. She has left me in no doubt about who I am and how hilarious life really is. Taro is the most brutally direct, brilliantly humoured and jogar pachinko 3 grátis.

The first two minutes the intensive shattered my, but in the best possible way. Taro is brutally direct, yet somehow gently compassionate at the same time. She is a beautiful guide on the path to finding that still and quiet place that exists inside all of us; that we all are. After the intensive I still struggle with anxiety and fears; the difference is that now in the middle of it all I often find myself laughing hysterically as the whole story dissolves into nothing…or not. I have found “this” that has no words.

~ Big hug to you Taro! Love, Rebecca


Grace decided to answer my prayers for guidance in a very unusual and unexpected way. All of a sudden I found myself sitting on my neighbour’s balcony on Kho Samui listening to the Truth expressed with unbelievable clarity. My neighbor was Taro, and i decided to do the 3 week Silent Awareness Intensive with her. Having the chance to work one on one with such a realized master has been an incredible blessing. Taro’s presence is like a laser beam that burns holes into all your stories, identifications and personal dramas. Over and over and with ruthless clarity she pointed out where i betray myself and where I turn away from the truth. She is interested in nothing else but This: the silent awareness that doesn’t ever change, no matter what storms there are on the surface of our experience. These 3 weeks have been extremely challenging for all my mental and emotional patterns, but at the same time so very liberating. I have the choice now, every moment, to buy into my movies or to stay with the truth. As I decide more and more to choose stillness, life can begin, in true freedom. I feel so blessed.

~ Thank you existence. Thank you Taro. Lots of love, Ralf


Living in Truth with Taro… It felt like I wasn’t quite finished, not yet time to move on, after the amazing Satsang Intensive with Taro; not yet time to leave the hammock, Thailand, or Taro… so I stayed for a week of “Living in Truth” – and I am so glad I did:

The satsang intensive helped me to come in touch with the truth of who I am, beyond space and time, beyond the individual persona of this “Heike-appearance”, resting in, being “silent awareness”, unlimited, always. Even while I forget. Ha!

The week of living in truth allowed me to take a good look at some of the stories that this Heike-form tends to identify with. Not to change anything, not to get rid of stories or judge them, nor to push them away, or get involved and lost in them. Simply to see them, know them, “ah, that one!”, recognize them. Everything else seems to happen by itself anyway – “nothing changing, everything changing”, just as Taro kept saying…A trip to Bangkok, stuck in traffic – and a sense of peace and contend, while sitting on that bus, as if that was the most perfect place to be at that given moment, and I guess it was, and maybe it always is?!?…What a deep relief to start taking myself less serious, to be able to start laughing about some of my stories, and just letting them be what they are, what an ease. It’s difficult, I really don’t quite know how to write about these experiences and insights, but one word comes to mind that summarizes a lot for me:

RELAX!! Everything (including Heike! Yeah! No more need to become anything for anybody!) is alright and just fine as is now. I know nothing, I don’t seem to be in control anyway, and for sure this body will die eventually. So why not simply accept this amazing miracle of being, stop fighting, and RELAX. Or not. WOW!! Thanks, Taro, a ton. And I guess, by the way, “Thanks”, from whom?? To whom?!? Heike Sitting with Taro – meeting the Truth and finding it is me! What words can communicate the value of knowing who I am?- it is everything and nothing held together in the oneness. Sitting with Taro is sitting in the Truth of our very nature…, silent awareness I am.

~ With love and gratitude, Dorien Israel


Woorden schieten my tekort om jou, Taro, te bedanken voor wat jij hebt betekend. Tijdens de servens begeleiding van mijn dochter. En het leven dat jij mij hebt laten zien.

~ Tom van Owen



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