What is Silent Awareness?


Silent Awareness has no name no form and can’t be touched or spoken.

It is never born and will never die. It is beyond all ideas, definitions and boundaries.

Silent awareness cannot be owned or used, it will not bring you fame, money or success. It cannot be studied and understood and categorized.

Silent awareness is always present. It is truly nothing and everything.

You taste it when you don’t focus on what you think, feel, or what you sense. You can taste it in meditation, in nature and sportsmen know this space, which they refer to as “The Zone”. Artists know it – through singing, painting, or playing music. We can know it through gardening, playing with the kids, walking on the beach or making love. As children we may have had an experience of it. Silent Awareness is a natural space, one that you have almost certainly already tasted, although perhaps without knowing the name of the flavor.

You have tasted it and now you want it, you go searching for this silent awareness.

Or, you did get a glimpse and it scares you and you run away in the world of thinking, sensing, feeling or becoming and doing.

Taro can to be your spiritual tour guide and take you on this transformational journey from the personal to the non-personal.

Welcome on the journey to nowhere and True Nothingness or Peace.

Leave ALL your luggage behind.

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